Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi viewers are enjoying the current track of the daily soap as several interesting twists and turns have been unfolded in life of Dev and Sonakshi.

We have recently seen how Ishwari being smitten and Radha Rani irritated. Bijoy gets angry and says that he will not go for dinner but everyone else agrees for it. Even Jatin also makes fun of Bijoy and convinces him for the same. Dev comes to Elena and tells her to buy something for Sonakshi. Elena is very happy to see Dev’s changed behavior.

A source told us, “Soha is very happy to see her grandparents​ together. They all come and light goes off ;then they decide to play something. First they decide to play antakshari but it doesn’t go well with all of them. So they decide to play hide and seek.”

We learned futher, “Dev and Sonakshi also hide but together at the same place and they share some cute moments with romance and infatuation building up slowly. Ishwari sees both of them sharing​ these moments.” Sounds, interesting?