Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th July 2017 Written Update, Written Episode.

Alia and Aditya somehow makes up with each other and they hug each other. Alia tells him that today is Raman’s launch party. Aditya tells her that they must congratulate Raman. Alia tells him that she has a surprise for him and so that he has to wait for it. Shagun gets call from Vineetha from the news channel, Shagun tells her that he must give her full facilitation and for her NGO.

On the other hand Alia plans a candle light dinner for Aditya, Aditya see that nobody is their accept them. He understands and gets romantic and they have a couple dance for a long time. Aditya hugs her tightly. Alia gets a rose for him and tells him that he is everything for her. Aditya thanks her for being in his life. They get seated. Alia serves for Adi, Aditya was about to kiss Alia, but he sees Nikhil and gets angry.

Alia goes to Nikhil and asks him to leave. While Aditya gets fainted, Alia gets tensed, Ishita tells that the decoration is very good. Mummyji and Ammaji go to consult a doctor as Mummyji is having knee pain. Media asks Raman and Kiran to have a photo together. But Kiran asks only Raman to get a click.

Kiran comes to Ishita and asks her about Shagun’s facilitation, and if she deserves it or not. Ishita says that as she is doing a good work, she must get some sort of appreciation through any medium. Aditya wakes up but he gets an allergy from seafood. Alia says as Nikhil don’t know about his allergy he also ordered seseafoodAditya gets angry and asks Alia to tell him not to interfere between them.

Mummyji and Ammaji talks to a lady who got fractured as she and her group saved rehabilated girls by some rowdy’s. She says that NGO leaves the girls and they dont care about the girls safety. Ammaji appreciates her. She tells her NGO’s name, Mummyji and Ammaji are shocked because Shagun is the main reason of the problem. Ishita asks media to take the interview of Shagun.

PRECAP : Ishita asks if Raman had called the photographers, Raman says yes. Ishita gets happy and appreciates him.