Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th June 2017 Written Update,Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update. The episode begins with ishita choosing a suit for raman. She shows her the red suit which was kept in the car. Ishita thinks that raman would never wear something like red suit. She says that mummyji asked her to do. Ishita goes to mummmyji and asks why she had kept red suit for him. She says that her choice is very boring. Alia enters the room saying that she also has the same rights as of ishita.

Alia and ishitas some nokjhok happens. Alia says that she is like her beti more than bahu. Alia says that she also wants to choose adi’s clothes hence she wants her husband to wear nice clothes. Ishita goes to raman and asks him what is he doing. Ishita says that he should make a contract with other investors. On the other hand balaji says that they shouldn’t give the contract to them, they decide to have a contract plan with the other investor.

Vishwa says that coffee is superb. Roshni says that she has learned to make it from ammaji. Raman on the other hand prepares for the meeting. Aditya asks alia if she was upset. He says he is now busy with his marketing campaign. She says that she isn’t upset by his marketing campaign. She says that she wants a bag. And so she cant find that type of bag anywhere and asks him to get one. But aditya denies. Raman explains the project to the investor. But dhanraj says no. Raman is again upset. Ishita takes ramans tiffin to office. Raman explains his problem to her.Ishita explains that experience is all that matters. And so that he can do anything to become this project successful. Raman says that behind every successful men there is a women. He says that it is true.

Alia starts cooking . When she was asked by mummyji she says that she is making pasta for her friends. Mummyji says that she can make a dish which can make their friends amused. But little later she feels exhausted. But she didn’t agrees. She says that she is absolutely alright. Even though alia asks her to take rest. Mr. Iyer start making building contract. Alia’s friends arrive and praises her for the tasty food . She says that she loves mummyji and all of them and she feels like her own family here. Later they all go to eat ice cream outside. Ishita calls aditya and says all the best ro him for the project.

PRECAP: Roshni calla ishita saying that mummyji is unconscious and she ia not feeling well. Raman get very tensed because of the taxi strike. And he is frustrated and says that he cant attend the meeting.