Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th June 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update. The episode starts with with Ishita giving tabs to a patient. The nurse enters. And asks if she had her lunch or not, and also asks if raman is coming or not. Ishita gives raman’s number to the nurse and asks her to call her. Ishita gives her the number, she calls him and says that he looks exactly like shahrukh khan. But Raman gets frustrated and yells at her.

On the other hand roshni enters mummyji’s room and sees her fainted. She gets very tensed and calls the maid to help. She says that no one is at home. Roshni calls Ishita and tells the matter. Ishita tells her to open the draw and give her the medicine. Roshni finds that and made to had it immediatly. All comes to there place and worries that she had to go to hospital immediatly. Ishita and raman both in a conference call , call at home , papaji tells them that no one is at home and had to get to hospital no matter what. Alia and her friends enjoy on the other hand. Alia says that she is getting late, and she tells that she had to go. Alia tells that being with a big family is really very nice. But she stays with them anyway.

Raman goes to the doctor’s place, and force the doctor to come with him but he denies as he is going to a marriage. Raman forces him to come with him then he agrees. At home all are get very tensed, doctor says that it is all because of the stress. And gives her some tablets. All are relieved now after hearing from the doctor that she is safe. Raman goes to papaji and asks what happened , he tells him that he is worried about mummyji and also tells him that he cant live without her.

Raman says that there is nothing to worry about mummyji now. Some time later Ishita asks papaji to give the soup to mummyji that she has made. He agrees. Alia enters the hall saying that she had enjoyed with her friends, and she had brought ice creams for all of them. Raman yells at her. Alia asks everyone that what happened to mummyji. Raman yells at her that why she has not pick up her phone. They explain the situation to her. But raman was very angry alia. Alia explains that her phone was dead.

PRECAP: Mummyji says that no body made any mistake. Alia says sorry to mummyji. Raman thanks roshni for being home at that time and says indirectly about alia to her. Alia feels tensed.