Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th June 2017 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th June 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update. The episode begins with raman entering the room and asking how is mummyji, she says that she is alright and asks everyone to behave normally in the house. Ishita asks her to dont do comedy. Ishita says that she must have full bed rest for some days and she shouldn’t do any work. Meanwhile alia enters the room. Mummyji asks her to sit by her side. Alia sits.

Alia apologizes to mummyji saying that she is very sorry. Mummyji tells her that she is not her fault that she has asthma. And tells there’s nothing to worry. Raman appreciates roshni for handling the situation and indirectly scolds alia saying that she should have some responsibility. Ishita aska mummyji to take rest and goes. Papaji asks mummyji to take care of her health. So that she could get well soon. Alia on the other side gets tensed thinking of raman and asks ishita that its her fault. Ishita asks alia not to worry and explains that raman will forgive her but it will take some time. Ishita asks alia to go and give some snacks to raman. Then he may forgive her.

Alia take ice cream to raman. Raman says that he dont want it. And yells at her. Roshini sees it from outside. Roshni also explains alia that everything will be alright. Ishita goes to explain that alia is still a child and asks him to forgive her.Raman says that he wont forgive alia for this mistake, Ishita says that if she was in his place she would have forgiven her. But raman says that he wont forgive her.

Mr.bhalla , papaji goes for the project there they get little confused to what to choose. On the other hand while raman goes to his meeting in a car. Police starts checking the car in that they find a packet of drugs. Raman thinks what it is. They take raman in the custody. Ishita asks mummyji to take her medicines. Mummyji says that her BP is normal now. Ishita agrees. Mummyji wonders what has happened to her. She asks if she had a fight with raman. She asks ishita not to worry, and asks her where is he. Police takes raman in there custody. Raman says that he dont know how he had got that drugs in his car.

PRECAP : Raman calls at his home. And asks her quitly if anyone in the home is by her side. She says no. Raman explains the situation to her. And asks her to ask papaji who kept the packet of drugs in their car. And also asks to prepare bail.