Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th July 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th July 2017 Written Episode.

Ruhi asks if she could tell a story to Pihu,  she asks her to tell.  Ruhi tells her about a princess who owes everything but she was lonely.  Pihu understands the moral of the story that she needs a friend because she is lonely. Ruhi asks her to come with her as she also knows a girl who is lonely as the princess in the story.  Ruhi asks Pihu if she would be friendly with her, she agrees. Raman and Kiran successfully make up the launch.

Shagun thanks Kiran for clearing the misunderstandings. Ruhi and Pihu go to Riya’s house, Pihu sees Riya and panics.  Riya asks her not to as she is the one who was in the story.  Ruhi and pihu gives her the khichdi but she throws it. Frightened Pihu runs out the room. Ishita talks to Raman and thanks him and also asks him sorry.

Raman asks for what, she discusses about Kiran and her character. Raman says yes as she is good Bala and Koran should be together. Ishita gets angry and asks Raman not to talk about that matter. Raman gets frustrated and asks everyone if he was wrong in the matter of Bala and Kiran.  Everyone gets shocked. Ammaji asks that she cant accept anyone in the place of Ishita’s akka.

While Aditya calls Ishita and says that Alia is missing.  And he cries saying that it’s all because of Nikhil.  Ishita asks him to calm down and she asks him to search for her.  Aditya gets a message from Alia,  he tells Ishita that she is in Delhi.  Ishita afterwards calls Mani asking for Alia.  Mani talks to her Sarcastically, Shagun grabs the phone and asks her not to come here.

Bala comes to Ishita, she tells him that Kiran is very nice and asks him not to forget about his kids. Ishita says about Aditya and Alia’s fight, Raman thinks that they should apologise them.

PRECAP : Ishita asks Raman to act calmly as now they should maintain a relationship with everyone.  She asks her to think himself in the place of Mani and asks him how would he react.  Raman says that he would kill that man who would slap Ruhi.