Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th June 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update. The episode begins with Raman clarifying the police that he dont know where that drug packet came from. Mummyji asks ishita where raman was, ishita handles the matter saying that he is little busy. Ishita worries that why he has been late to the office. Mr. Iyer asks mummyji how is her health ,she says that its all fine now. Mr. Iyer goes to Mr. Bhalla indirectly taunts each other. Mrs. Iyer and mrs.

Bhalla has little Idea of their fight. While ishita keeps trying to call raman. Raman calls mika and asks her to remain quitely and asks for her help. He asks her to contact the lawyer. Ashok gets the call , he hears raman bhalla being in the jail. He feels happy. He calls Mr. Taneja , ashok asks how his project with Raman bhalla.

Mr. Taneja appreciates him. Ashok informs him of the drugs and says that he is in the custody. Mika goes to alia and asks her if she knows about the drugs . Alia says no. Mummyji over hears the matter and panics. Ishita asks what’s the matter. Mika explains all the matter. Ishita asks alia to call her friends and ask if they had forgot anything in thier car.

Alia calls shristi she says yes and she had forgot a paper bag in her car. They get to know whose drugs that it was. Ishita calls bala and discusses something. Shristi appears in home and ishita tries to influence her to say the true size and shape of the bag. She finally says that she has drugs in the bag. They secretly record the whole thing. Police finds the real truth and gets raman released. Finally Raman is free. Mummyji feels very happy and hugs him. Ishita tells raman to take mummyji to the room as she is having high bp. Ishita says that she is relieved now that he has come back. Ishita says that Alia helped her, she says that she doesn’t know that her friends are that bad. Raman says that her friends are drug dealer. Raman says that alia needs to understand. He says that she is immature and childishness.

PRECAP : Shristis boyfriend forces ishita to sit in his car as her girlfriend gor arrested. Shagun argues with ishita that raman needs to understand and gets angry, as we was yelling at alia. She says that alia doesn’t deserve it.