Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th July 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update.

Raman and Mani meet Aditya, Mani gets mad at him because he slapped Alia. Aditya also gets frustrated, he tells him that Alia made him slap her because of her stupid friend Nikhil.  He says she was spending more time with Nikhil instead of him. While Alia panics why Shagun has told to Mani. Shagun asks that they should not behave with her in that way.

Aditya tells Mani that she totally forgot him when she was with Nikhil. Mani gets frustrated and he also slaps Adi. Raman tries to stop him and shouts at him to leave. Raman also asks Aditya not to repeat the same mistake again. While Ruhi tries to go into Riya ‘s house, the servant asks her not to come again.

Ruhi thinks that she must help Riya in any way Kiran goes to Bala, Bala asks why she is here. She asks him why isn’t he answering her calls and messages. And also asks about Ishita if she had influenced him.  Bala says that becoming his wife and a mother is very difficult.  Kiran tells him that she accepts the challenge that she would become a good mother.

She asks him that she will pick up shritaja fron school. Mani thinks about what happened, and calls and tells everything has gone very far. Taneja overhears the conversation of Mani. And asks him about the character of Raman. Raman also gets frustrated, he says that he wants to cut the relationship with Mani and Alia.

Ishita explains him that he should not do that, he asks him wheather he will spare a person who had slapped Ruhi gor any reason, Raman says that he would kill him. Ishita tells him that the same goes to Mani, she says that they must apologise them. Raman agrees with her. Bala calls Ishita and tells her that Kiran is going to pick up Shritija because she wants to prove that she will be good mother. Ishita tells him to support her in her work.

Ishita calls Ruhi and tells her that today kiran will pick Shritija and asks her not to go. Ruhi gets surprised, Ishita says that she will explain all about it later. Raman tries to call Mani but he doesn’t lift, he calls at home, Shagun lifts the call and asks him not to contact them again. Raman again tries a call to Mani. Mani lifts the call, Raman apologizes to him and asks him to meet as he need to talk to him. Mani agrees.

PRECAP : Raman goes to the place where Mani had to meet with him. Raman sees that the room was very dark. But unfortunately falls upon something which happens to be Mani stabbed with a knife.