Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th June 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update. The episode begins with Aditya observing Alia being sad. Alia sees adi and hugs her. Alia says that their family is having problems because of her , she says that it is her fault. Aditya explains her that it is not her fault. Aditya gets calls from Mr. Taneja for the project.

Raman tries to explain to Mr. Taneja that it was not his packet of drugs. Aditya overhears the conversation and tells Taneja about the whole manner. Ishita explains Alia about Shristi. And asks her to be more aware and careful. Taneja asks him if he had made 10% of the project share in the other project. Raman says that it wont effect his project. But aditya gets angry on raman. Mr. Bhalla comes to Ishita for some help on power point presentation. Ishita agrees that she will do as far she knows about it. Mr. Bhalla asks ishita to take print outs of the presentation. Raman gives the files to aditya and says that it is not effecting his project. Aditya argues about the project. On the other hand Shristi’s boyfriend tries to kidnap ishita for taking the revenge.

Ishita tries to escape but shagun comes and rescues her. Ishita tells the matter to the police, raman gets frustrated on Alia. Shagun also argues with raman. Raman says that she should have some sense of responsibility. Shagun gets frustrated and tries to take alia to home. Alia says that she doesn’t want to go home, because he is also like her father. Raman apologizes her and asks her to be more careful.

Aditya spends some time with alia and asks her to stay by his side. He says that he will not her go anywhere. Ishita and raman comes to alia and Aditya to apologize. Raman apologizes to Alia. He hugs her. They have some nokjhok and leave.

PRECAP : Ishita appreciates raman that he apologized alia and also said thankyou. She says it like a heaven for her. Raman gets a call from Romi and discusses about the project.