Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th June 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update. The episode starts with Mr. Bhalla asking mummyji to take rest. Mummyji says that she want to go out. Mr. Bhalla says that he will surely take her out in evening. On the other hand ammaji also asks Mr. Iyer to take her out. He also tells that he will take out in evening. Ammaji and mummyji in call says that their plan to meet up Mr. Iyer and Mr. Bhalla is perfect.

Shagun calls Alia and argues that she shouldn’t be treated like that. Alia says that it was her mistake. Shagun asks alia about her friend she says that she has not been released yet. Mummyji asks where ammaji was going, she says that they were going to movie and mummyji also says that she was also going to movie. But Mr. Iyer and Mr. Bhalla argue that which movie to watch and they leave. Raman and ishita have some nokjhok moments ishita says that its like she is in heaven.

While aditya sees alia, he says that she is looking beautiful. And he acts romantically. While he tries to hug her. Ammaji and Mummyji sees them and alia feels shy and leaves for cooking. Mummyji says ammaji that they also must seduce their husbands in the same manner. Mummyji says to make her hair smooth to make Mr. Iyer more close to her.

After that they have their tiffin. Raman gets call and he is frustrated. Everyone asks what had happened. He says that shagun had bailed shristi. Aditya also argues with alia that shagun shouldn’t had done this. And he also leaves. Ammaji asks how could she seduce him with her hair. She says that she will wear gajra as Mr. Iyer likes them. Mummyji says that she will dye her hair. And she tells her that they must find why they both are fighting. Ruhi gives the file to raman and she says that they have signed their project. Raman gets happy. And also he asks ruhi to handle the project. Mr. Bhalla says to the man that the tender will be given to him. Someone overhears them and he thinks that he must inform it Mr. Iyer.

Alia goes to her home. Alia asks shagun why she had bailed shirsti. Alia asks to think about her. Alia says how could she do this to her family. Shagun says what about her family and asks about her. Alia says that both are her families. Shagun says that she sounds like ishita. Alia gets angry on her and leaves.

PRECAP : Aditya gifts a necklace to alia and Ishita asks raman to look at it. Ishita says that aditya gifted alia. Indirectly asking one to raman.