Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th June 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update. The episode begins mummyji welcoming Ruhi. Ruhi says that she became thin. Mummyji says that she is fit. Ruhi says that she will go and fresh up a little. Aditya calls Mr. Taneja, taneja asks aditya to start the project next week. Raman also tries to fix the lauch date. Raman thinks Ishita’s words.

While ammaji searches for mummyji, ishita asks mika about ammaji. She laughs and says they are thinking about hair dye. Raman orders a necklace for ishita, and he very happy for that. Mummyji applies dye on ammaji’s hair. Ammaji says that there is no much difference. Ishita gets a carrier, she thinks that it is for alia. Raman enters, he remains quite while ishita taunts him.

Mummyji does make up to seduce Mr. Bhalla and on the other hand ammaji also gets ready, mummyji asks if the plan was ready. Meanwhile Mr. Iyer enters, he says that she was looking beautiful. Ishita sees mummyji, what was she doing. She says nothing. They think that plan has become flop.

Aditya plans the launching of the energy drink product. After the deal he gets happy, Aditya sees the photo sent by alia. Alia asks if he had brought that necklace. He says no. Raman says that the gift was for her. Ishita says that alia is happy by getting that gift. Ishita first denies but accepts later. Alia and ishita say that his choice is super cool.

PRECAP : Mr. Iyer while talking on phone hits the dust bin and calls Mr. Bhalla and yells at him that he shouldn’t eat this kind of rubbish things.