Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th July 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update.

Pihu keeps on asking Ruhi about Ishita and others. Kiran somehow manages the situation saying that they all had gone to rain dance. After that Ruhi thinks that how she could tell everyone what she saw in the evening. Chitti calls and tells Ruhi that Shagun is missing, Ruhi panics and utters that she should have told them everything.

Chitti hears and insists her to tell what happened. Ruhi tells her nothing happened and cuts the call. While police investigate, the officer calls Alia but Chitti lifts the phone. They ask her that they need to talk to Alia. Chitti gives the phone to Alia, the officer asks her if she knows anyone with the blood group AB positive. Alia tells that Shagun has the same blood type. She gets tensed if she also had been attacked.

While Ishita and Aditya keep on looking for Shagun. Aditya calls Ishita and says that Bala and he found some saree pieces of Shagun which she wore. And tells her to calm down he assures her that he will find her. Aditya and Bala get to know that Shagun may be in a truck which contains some gardening supplements. They think that in order to escape Shagun might have jumped over the truck.

They go to the respective place and search for her. Aditya enters a truck but he couldn’t find Shagun their instead he finds a blooded pot. They intorrogates the respective truck driver , but he tells that he doesn’t know anything. But they get the address where they think Shagun might be, and gets ready to go their in search of her. Next morning Ruhi asks Ishita to eat something.

Ruhi tells her to calm down and as they need her. Aditya calls Ishita and tells her that they got the address. Ishita asks him to take care of himself. Ishita thinks aboit Alia and she thinks that she must meet her. On the other hand Raman argues qith the police officer that he isn’t the murderer.

PRECAP: Papaji comes to meet Raman at the police station. He gives the information about Shagun. And asks him not to reveal anything.