Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th June 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th June 2017 Written Update. Read the written update of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th June 2017 below.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th June 2017 Full Episode: Ammaji goes to mummyji and tells her that the plan has failed. Ishita and Mihika discusses about the matter between ammaji and mummyji. Ishita gets phone from ruhi saying that she has passed. She gets happy. Ammaji and mummyji plans to ask roshni about the fight between Mr. Bhalla and Mr. Iyer. Aditya comes home and says that the project will be started soon, everyone gets happy.

Ruhi also goes to raman to tell him the launch date, raman gets happy. Shagun comes to Ishita’s house. Alia asks why she came here. Shagun says that she came to meet her. But seeing ishita launching adi’s product. She gets frustrated and asks alia to do it. Again alia and shagun have argument and she leaves.

Ishita calls raman and tells him that she is very happy, and she wishes that the project would be more successful. Raman ends the call. Mr. Iyer talks in the phone while walking and hits the trash box. He shouts at Mr. Bhalla saying that he eats every rubbish things. Ammaji and mummyji thinks that they are fighting because of the society’s contract. While alia and ishita have a chat in the kitchen, ishita remembers the papaji’s birthday. Alia asks her to have a grand party. After that Ishita asks alia to start go to work. But alia says that she is enjoying at home, she says that she will think about it after words.

Mr. Taneja comes to aditya and tells him angrily that his father raman is going to launch a health drink at the same date as his. He calls at ramans office, aditya asks for raman,the assistance says that he is not here, adirya asks her to call him when raman comes. Raman comes home. Ishita starts massaging, she tells that alia is organizing everything. Aditya comes and tells that dadu deserves to be a perfect father. Ishita asks him that why is he speaking like that point raman. Adi gets frustrated and says that no dad keeps competition with his sons or daughters. Ruhi and alia also tries to explain him that he mistook it.

Mummyji and ammaji talks about their husbands, that they wont hind anything to them. They plan to find out what they are hiding to them. Ishita asks raman why he has launched the date same as aditya’s. Raman says that he scheduled the date. Ishita feels happy and tells him that he is the worlds best father.

PRECAP : Raman and Ruhi have a discussion on the project while having their tiffin. Aditya comes and stares at both of them.