Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th June 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th June 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode starts with ruhi and raman discussing about the project. Aditya thinks that he must also give raman a tough competition. Raman asks ishita for a paratha. Later aditya gets call from mr. Taneja , he says that he got a big investor for his project. Aditya comes and without having breakfast he leaves. Everybody asks him to finish his tiffin but he says that he us having work.

Aditya forgets his phone. Iahita goes after him to give hs phone. She sees that aditya was checking raman’s file. She asks him that he should clear the matter with raman. But he leaves. Afterwords alia goes to ishita , and she asks her whats wrong, ishita says that she is worried about aditya.

Alia says that aditya is also worried about his business. Roshni asks Mr. Iyer that what he will give to his best friend on his birthday, he says that he is not his friend. Mr. Iyer explains the matter to mummyji and ammaji. They say that they must find out the real matter. Alia calls shagun and asks her to come on papaji’s 70th birthday.

Alia asks a promise from shagun that she must behave properly with everybody. She promises alia. Mr. Iyer and all goes to mr. Bhalla he says that he isn’t making any contracts with him. Mr. Iyer apologises to papaji. Mr. Bhalla forgives him saying that he is his best friend. Ammaji and mummyji feels happy. While they have discussion about to give contract to whom, roshni comes up with an excellent idea. Raman comes home and feels exhausted. Iahita asks him to take a shower.

Ishita says that that they are also inviting shagun. Raman asks that they shouldn’t invite shagun. Ishita explains him that they should adjust somehow as she is alia’s number. Mummyji says to ammaji that she also dont want shagun to come as she always creates a mess. She makes a plan and tears the invitation card. And says that she cant come until she have a card. Ishita talks to raman , raman says that aditya is still angry on him.

PRECAP : Ishita goes to Aditya’s office and speaks to the investors. Aditya asks ishita to go home. After she leaves the investor asks aditya if she is her step mother, and why she is interfering in his matters, aditya asks to get on with the project.