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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st May 2017 Written Episode: Episode starts with Ruhi saying that Adi has arrived.Ishika compliments Adi that he is looking very handsome. Amma applies kala teeka to Adi ,daadu also gives him a daimomd brouch, and hugs him. Everyone looks happy. Mummyji gives him the best wishes to always stay happy. While after some nokjhok Raman asks Ishita to get ready faster,Ishita says that wothout her help no one gets ready.Then she remembers about Roshni,and asks if she got ready or not? Ishita enters Roshni’s room and asks her why she is not ready. Roshni says that what she will do after coming their ,ishita says that she would enjoy their.Ishita says that she is like their family member and asks her to get ready in 10 minutes.

Alis gets ready and her father wonders that she is going to be married.Shagun enters with a smiling face and asks them not to get emotional. And gives her a present. Alia is overwhelmed. Shagun asks Alia about the engagement ring.Alua goes to the room to check for the engagement ring. She wonders if the ring had fallen somewhere in the car.She asks Shagun and her father to go to wedding place as they were getting late.She assures them that she will come back with the ring. They asks her to he carefull and to be fast. On the other hand Ashok calls the relative of Roshni and asks him to go to the sangeet along with him and asks him to reveal that Aditya bhalla has killed his big brother,and also asks hin to call the police so that they can arrest him right away. He denies his proposal,and asks him to stay away from him.He ends the phone call.Then Ashok murmurs in himself that he only wants to take revenge on Aditya bhalla. Alia finds her ring ,and gets a call from her mother and tells her the good news. Later The relative of Roshni notices Alia waiting for someone and keeps starring her,and thinks of Aditya bhalla ‘s sangeet today .

Ishita and Raman meets Shagun and her husband asks about Alia.Shagun comes up with something else and make up their minds.Meanwhile someone asks Raman that they had made a good decision by not inviting Ashok to the Sangeet,telling him what had happened earlier,then he goes. Ishita aska Raman not to worry about Ashok .Ishita asks hin to enjoy the present moment,Raman agrees with her. Adi enters and everyone gets happy.
Adi asks ruhi about Alia she tells him that she is on her way.Alia arrives and Roshni notices her with a smile but after words she also gazes at a black jeep .Roshni keeps thinking about the mess they may go to create at such a happy moment if they got to know about Adi’s marraige to Alia. Roshni comes up with an idea and ask guards for something. As she thought he creates a mess with the guards.Roshni starts to worry and thinks to het some help from the family members.

Alia gets praised by everyone that she is looking very pretty today. Mummyji tells her that the happiness that they are going to be married appears on their faces. She gets shy. Adi and Alia keeps starring at each other for a while and get caomught by ruhi and they say them that they were looking cute. Adi comesto Alia and tells her that he could wait for her if she will look that cute .Sangeet ceremony begins and Adi and alia gets invited to the stage. They take their seats.They say that it will be not a programme rather than it is a competetion that will held between older and younger generations. The first performance is of Raman and Shagun they start perfoeming on tamma tamma and everybody enjoys. Every appreciates Raman and Shagun for their performance.Roshni wants to talk to Adi aboit that matter but is dragged by Romi.And he asks her what she wants.Roshni feels worried about the mess that is to be crated if they got in.

PRECAP : Roshni talks with Adi about the problem and says that she is worried and takes him outside and shows him about what had happened.