Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode begins with Ruhi being tensed for what she had seen on that particular evening. After that Mummyji and the servant talks about the circumstances that will happen 8f Shagun stays their. Mummyji gears the calling bell, she sees Ashok and gets shocked. Ashok enters the hall and stares at the old photo of Shagun and Raman.

And tells her that so much has been changed. The servant goes to Ishita and tells her about Ashok, Ishita gets tensed and go to Ashok. Raman comes to Ashok and asks him to not mess with them. Ashok tells them that Shagun wants to marry him. Ishita explains Raman if he wants to get married to Shagun then it’s okay.

He should get married to her. She asks him to comes with her. While pihu, shritija and Ananya wait for Ruhi to come and pick them. She sees Riya, Riya challenges Pihu that she would give the best presentation of her project. Pihu accepts her challenge and tells that her project will be best. Ishita and Raman asks him how he came to know aboit Shagun.

He tells them that he saw Mika at hospital, But he cant able to enter the doctors room as he doesn’t have an appointment. He wants to find out the purpose why Mika came here. He bribes a nurse to find out the matter. So Ashok tells them this is how he came to know about it. Ishita and Raman gets irritated by Ashok’s behavior.

Ashok warns them that this time he will not gonna miss this chance. And he leaves. Ishita tells Ramam to controll his anger. She tells him that Ashok must not know the reason behind all these.

PRECAP : Ruhi comes to her room and sees the servant checking gloves, Ruhi oanics and asks her to leave. Kiran calls Ishita and informs her about Pihu, ananya and Shritija that they have left with their neighbourhood aunty as she got late to take them. Ishita gets nervous that they shouldn’t know about the situation at the house.