Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd July 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd July 2017 Written Episode Update.

Ashok goes to Raman telling him that he will tell Shagun everything. Raman warns hin that he must not do anything wrong as it will make difficult for him. Ishita gathers all the family members, Ishita comes up with a plan and tells it to everyone. Ishita asks Ammaji to do acting as if she is asking Ishita to get out of the house. Ammaji gets nervous. Everyone requests her and she agrees. Later they execute their plan, Mr. Iyer acts as he is shouting over Raman, It grabs the attention of Shagun and Ashok. Mr. Iyer and Raman acts as if they are fighting really hard.

Ishita takes Raman’s side Mr Iyer sighs Ammaji to act her role and to tell her dialogue. Ammaji remembers that she has to tell her dialogue. Shagun thinks they are crazy for creating such a mess for a small thing. Mummyji tries to calm Ishita, she asks her to be here in this home in front of Shagun. Shagun asks Ishita that she remembers her, Ishita gets shocked but eventually, Shagun mistakes her for someone.

Ishita gets relieved and tells her to get checked as she is looking restless. Ishita checks her Blood pressure and tells her that her BP is high and asks her if she had a reason for that stress. Ashok enters the room and taunts Ishita, she asks him to leave the room as Shagun needs to take rest. Ishita asks Shagun if she could ask her a personal question.

Ishita asks her relationship with Ashok and Shagun tells her that he is her boyfriend. Ishita asks her to test Ashok if he really cares and loves her. Shagun tells her that she is right and tells her that she will ask Ashok to be in a different room. Ishita tells Shagun that she found the easiest way to reduce her BP level. Shagun asks what is it.

Ishita asks her to watch the serial “Dhai kilo prem” which telecasts on star plus. Shagun tells her that she will definitely watch it.

PRECAP: Ishita warns Ashok that she will win this time also as they won last time. And asks him to stay away from their family matters.