Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th July 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode begins with Ishita warning Ashok that he has not changed a bit since 12 years, she tells him that she is going to win like this time also like before. Ashok tells that they will see who wins or who lose. Aditya gives the papers that Abhimanyu has given to Mr. Shekhavat. Aditya warns Shekhavat that he can do anything for his family.

He tells Aditya that he will keep the papers safely with him. Ammaji worries seeing the situation, Ishita tells her to need not to worry as they will manage. Ishita comes to Alia and asks her not to give up, she tells her that they will find the killer. Bala comes to Kiran and tells her about Ashok Khanna and if he has a motive behind shifting in the Bhalla’s house.

Bala asks Kiran if she could help him find out ashok’s true motive behind all these. She agrees. He thanks, Kiran. While everyone is having dinner. Pihu as Ruhi comes there and asks that she wants the seat where Ashok is sitting as it is her favourite seat. Shagun asks Ashok to have a different seat but eventually leaves without having dinner.

Pihu asks Shagun to sit with her. Shagun sits beside her and begins to eat. Pihu later acts as if she forgot to do her homework and rushes to her room. Ishita comes up with a drama in which the husband sings for his wife who is been sad and frustrated in order to influence Shagun.

Shagun thinks about somethings and feels sorry for Ishita ‘s friend and sympathises her. Raman sees Ishita sad and asks her whats wrong, she tells that she is worried about Shagun as she couldn’t remember a small thing about that song. Ashok sees Ishita and Raman holding hands and talking together, and comes up with a plan of showing to Shagun.

He somehow manages to bring Shagun to them and shows her, she peeks in and asks them whats going on, Ishita tries to explain Shagun but she doesn’t listen, Raman gets frustrated and asks Ashok not to interfere in their family matters and also tells Shagun to stop blaming other as she also know that they are technically still married pointing out Ashok. Ishita asks Shagun to take rest instead of going on a drive. And yells at Ashoj that how he can take a weak person on the drive.

PRECAP: Ammaji, Alia and Ishita discusses about the crime scene and also about that watchman, Ishita tells him that she couldn’t find him. Ruhi listens and panics.