Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th July 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode begins with Ammaji and Alia asking Ruhi to drop Pihu if she wants to, they say that they will manage. Ruhi thanks them. Raman searches for Ishita, Mummyji tells Raman that she had gone out for some reason. Raman calls someone and asks if Ishita’s car had been got insurance.

Ashok overhears the matter. Ishita tries to go to the murder spot but the watchman does not allow hee to go inside and he asks her is she is Raman the criminal’s wife. Ishita gets frustrated and tells that he is not the criminal. He tries to get money from her. Ishita thinks that he might give a way to find out the real criminal. Ishita bribes him and to let go inside.

Ashok tells Shagun that Raman has been spending money over Ishita, Shagun says that she wants Raman’s bank information to check weather he is really spending money over Ishita or not. While Ishita gets emotional thinking about Shagun and Mani by seeing their photo. Shagun sees Raman’s bank check book and gets shocked by seeing 12 crores in his account.

Raman calls Ishita and asks her where is she, she tells him that she is at Shagun’s house as she wants a thing very close to Shagun that could make her remember everything. She checks the cupboard and notices Shagun’s “taali” (marital thread) and hopes that it could make any changes in her. Ishita comes out and observes a man bribing the watchman and thinks if he could relate to the murder.

She goes to the watchman and asks about that man, he tells her that he wants money if she wants to get the information, she tells him that she would bring the money through Atm, and asks him that he must tell the truth about that man. Mummyji asks a servant to show some papers to Shagun which included the bank information of Ashok. Shagun sees that Ashok has been bankrupt. She gets tensed and thinks about her future. She thinks that Raman still loves him and decides to get him back.

PRECAP: Ishita shows the “Taali” to Ammaji and tells her that by seeing this Shagun may remember something. Later Mani gives the same Taali to Shagun in order to propose her.