Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th July 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update.

Ishita comes home, Ruhi panics and goes to Ishita to ask her what happened. Ishita tells about the watchman and also about the Man she suspected. Ruhi asks if watchman has told her about anything. Ishita tells her that he didn’t. Ruhi gets relieved and leaves, Ishita shows the “Taali” to Ammaji and remembers how Shagun was happy when Mani gifted her.

And she hopes that Shagun might remember anything by seeing that Taali. Later Alia acts as she found the Taali near the door and gives it to Shagun and asks her if it was her’s. Shagun seeing that feels little dizzy. Alia asks her if she remembered something. Ashok enters the room and tells Shagun that he had gifted that “Mangalsutra” to her a week back. Alia and everyone gets very upset by it.

A police officer calls Aditya and warns him if Shagun didn’t regain consciousness then they will take Raman into custody. Aditya tells him to give them some time. He goes to Ishita and tells her about this, Ishita thinks that they must do something about Ashok as he will not let go things correctly. On the other hand Bala comes to Kiran, she says that Shritija has become close to her, she also gifts Shubbu which he likes very much. Kiran becomes very happy.

While Shagun yells at Ashok that he has been Bankrupt, seeing it Mummyji becomes very happy and tells it to Raman. Shagun shouts at Ashok how he can behave like this. He tells him how can he lie to him. Shagun tells him that he cant live without any security. Ashok tells her that Raman isn’t going to care for her because now he is with Ishita.

Shagun tells him that he will make Raman her side no matter what. She asks Ashok to leave. Ashok goes to Ishita and tells her that Shagun turned same as before how she used to be and tells her that she will do anything to make herself happy.

PRECAP: Shagun asks Raman that they should marry. She acts very romantically and gets close to Raman. Meanwhile, Ishita enters the room and gets shocked by seeing Shagun in that way.