Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode starts with Shagun getting close to Raman in order to make him marry her. She gets romantic and moves towards him while Ishita enters the room and gets shocked. Shagun yells at Ishita that she could knock at the door. Pihu as Ruhi enters the room saying that she has a tooth ache, Raman and Ishita gets worried about her and tells her that they should go to the dentist.

Ishita, Raman and Pihu get into the car. Pihu tells them that she was acting in order to divert the situation. Ishita and Raman praise her. Pihu asks them as they came out they should go and eat ice cream. They agree. They return home, Shagun asks Raman that she needs to talk to him. Pihu asks Raman that she will sleep with him. Raman agrees.

Shagun things that there’s something fishy going on there. Next morning Ishita asks Raman to drop her as her car is in repair. Raman goes with her. While Shagun plans something. Aditya calls Nikhil and asks her to come over his place as Alia is feeling low because of Mani. Nikhil denies. Ruhi hears all of it and asks Aditya what’s the matter.

Aditya tells her that cant do anything for Alia so he was just trying to make her relieved. Pihu at school sees Riya’s tiffin ruined as it fell down. She goes to Riya and asks her if ahe could eat her tiffin instead. Riya first denies but eventually starts eating. Pihu gets happy. Ishita and Raman goes to find that Watchman Banwari but they get to know that he went to his Village.

They go to Mani’s house and they see Shagun wondering their. Shagun feels dizzy and thinks that its very familiar to her and she collapses. Ishita and Raman takes her to the room and sees that she is behaving very strangely as if its someone attacking her.

PRECAP: Shagun sees Raman and Ishita together and yells at them that she is not a fool and she knows what is going on her back.