Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th July 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode begins with Shagun shouting Mani name again and again while she was unconscious. She wakes up. Ishita asks her if she knows anyone named Mani as she was shouting his name.  Shagun says that she don’t know anyone named Mani and yells at Raman and Ishita that she know whats going on behind her, Pihu tries to stop her but Shagun scolds her.

And leaves. Ruhi goes to Nikhil and asks if she can come in. Nikhil sees her playing the guitar very easily and appreciates her.  Nikhil asks her why did she leave music, Ruhi tells him that she has very bad memories regarding it.  Nikhil tells the same. Ruhi asks her why he is not visiting Alia at her bad time.

Aditya tells her its because Aditya. Ruhi tells her that he was calling him for Alia’s sake and he must go if he is a friends of her.  While Pihu tells Ishita that she shared her tiffun with Riya. Ishita becomes happy by listening that she is making up with Riya.

Roshni talks to Shabbu while Ashok interferes and he tells him that Bala is going to marry Kiran thats why she is gifting him so many things. Roshni goes to Ashok and yells at him while Ashok tries to get close to her, she slaps him for his behaviour. Shagun enters and asks Roshni to leave.

Ishita calls the watchman. He lifts the call but he seems very nervous and asks Ishita to come to a park along with the money. Ishita tries to call Raman but he doesn’t lift the call, so she calls Aditya and tells her that she is going to meet the watchman.  Aditya panics and tells her that he would comes with her.

Ishita comes to the park and feels something weird about that place. She soon hears Polics horn and sees that the watchman is killed.  Ishita gets shocked.

PRECAP: Police officer goes to Ishita and asks what’s the matter.  She tells him that he was going to give some information related to the murderer. Police officer scolds her saying how she can go byself after being so much educated.  He asks her that whereabouts of Raman.