Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th April 2017 Written Update: Today’s episode starts with Romi pointing out Roshni that their is only one person who is an outsider in our house.He also states that no body knows her personally and so that they cannot trust her,although he says that Ishika is so much innocent and kind that she can trust anyone and take his\her to home.Ishika asks him to give his statement clearly.Then Adi takes over ishima and explains her as their is a marriage which is going to happen in this house and so that we cant trust anyone.And points out Roshni and makes everyone to suspect her.

Then Ishika denies it saying that roshni is not that kind of girl and she is not a theif.Adi asks Ishika that how can she say that roshni is not a theif? Romi says to ishika that she is very innocent and so that she does’nt know anything about these kind of girls.He asks them to fheck her room.Raman denies to check her room.Roshni gets emotional.And asks everyone to check her bed saying that it is the only one she has.Romi insists ishika to check.Raman also agrees to check her room for the chain leaving ishika into shock.

All go to roshni’s room to check.Ishika says that it isn’t necessary to do all these checkings.Roshni emotionally says that if ishika believes in her then that it is enough for her.Romi and Adi check for the chain everywhere but they couldn’t find it.Ishika gets irked and ask Adi not to repeat the same thing. Romi and Adi gets shocked for not finding the chain.

While on the other hand Ashok is frustrated about why gagan let Adi escape even though he killed Gagan’s brother himself and put the blame on Adi. Ashok tries to call gagan at midnight. Gagan avoids his call.Ashok keeps calling then he attends. Ashok informs him about Adi’s marriage to Aliya which gets Gagan isked and so he decides to come to Delhi and stop this marriage. Ashok feels relieved for creating some sort of mess.
Roshni receives some essentials and clothes from Ishita and Raman as she was accused as a theif. Roshni feels very happy and hugs Ishika.Adi gets irritated and starts thinking of the ways to get rid of Roshni out of his house as he cannot bear her getting close to Ishita and Raman. Adi gets a call from a happy Aliyaand asks him to meet him on the terrace for a romantic dance for their wedding.

While in the room Raman has his own romantic side after he manages to upcome the nervousness of ishita.Raman asks Ishita to support him with a dance rehearsal though he is dancing with Shagun on the wedding. They have a romantic dance. Simultaneously Adi and Aliya too have their romantic dance date on the terrace. Adi takes out sindoor and proceeds begins to apply the same on Aliya’s forehead but is stopped by an angry Roshni. She asks Aliya if she knows about Adi and her. She says she would reveal this truth to everyone and takes Aliya inside. She speaks before everyone and says Adi is her husband and he left her. Ishita slaps him and says he let her down today also Aliya throws away the engagement ring and walks off. Adi trying to stop her wakes up from his nightmare. He wakes up and goes to a sleeping Roshni. He drags her out and warns her about opening her mouth also he tells her to get out of his house. Roshni slaps him and takes him by surprise. She tells him that being a man does not give him the rights to treat her this way.

Precap: Roshni says she is not interested in the role of playing his wife and also says she will not reveal anything to anyone. She also gives him the chain and scolds him for this idiotic attempt to throw her out. Next day morning Romi says he has to do something about this girl but Adi stops him and says they need to do nothing as she will not reveal anything to anyone. He tells Romi he would explain later.

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