Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2017 Written Episode Update.

Ishita is still shocked by seeing the watchman dead. Officer scolds Ishita for being so careless and to act on her own. On asking Ruhi Nikhil takes some sushi for Alia as it was her favourite. He tells Alia that Aditya requested him to meet her. Alia gets surprised. Ishita and Raman goes to police station and requests the police officer to investigate more deeply. He tells them that they will go to Banwari’s (watchman) house.

Nikhil tells Ruhi that he saw Raman holding knife at the time of the murder. Ruhi gets angry on him and asks him how can he blame Raman for only holding a knife. She tells him that if he didn’t saw Raman killing Mani then he has no right to blame Raman. Aditya panics and thinks about Banwari and his proof he was going to give Ishita.

He searches for it eagerly. Bala asks Ammaji about Ishita she tells him that she is not back yet. Shabbu comes and shouts that he knows everything about Kiran and that Bala is going to her marry her. He says that he can’t accept her as his mother. Ishita and Raman go to Banwari’s house in order to search for that proof.

Aditya panics and escapes immediately. They enter the house and see that the whole house was in a mess. They think that the killer might have taken the proof before them. Shagun tries calling Raman, but Ashok comes to her and asks her if she can come out with him. Shagun shouts at him. He tells her that Raman doesn’t care for her as he is with Ishita now. Mummyji yells at Ashok asking

Mummyji yells at Ashok asking him leave the house. Shagun asks them to stop and asks Ashok to take her to Raman. He agrees. Raman and Ishita see Shagun with Ashok and asks her to dont go with him. Raman forces her not to go but she doesn’t listen. Shagun sees Aditya coming in a car and panics, she yells at Aditya saying that she saw him that night but then she collapses.

PRECAP: Ashok comes Raman and tells him that he knows that he is only using Shagun for his witness. Ashok sees Aditya and accuses him as the murderer of Mani.