Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd July 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd July 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode starts with Ruhi goes pihu to take her home, ruhi notices pihu wearing a sweater and asks her to remove it as it is very hot. Ruhi takes her sweater off and sees that her shirt is torn. Pihu says that she slipped. Ruhi decides to find the matter. Ishita and Alia at home talks about the launch party, aditya gets gifts for everyone, alia, ishita and all gets very happy.

Aditya goes to raman and tells him that he bought a gift for him too. And also tells him that he is very important in his life and gets emotional. Raman feels happy and hugs him. Everyone watching them gets happy and emotional. Raman tells ishita that he is feeling very happy, ishita says that she also feels happy for him.

Raman starts romance with ishita but chitti comes and interferes asking ishita to come with her s she is having problem with the blouse. She takes her, but raman tries to grab her. While alia and aditya have their nokjhok, alia tells that his choice is very good. Ruhi goes to pihu and sees her injury in her hands and gets tensed about what had happened to her.

While raman starts teasing ishita indirectly, because she doesn’t know that kiran is Mrs. Kiran not Mr. Kiran. Assuming kiran to be a guy, she bought some gifts to her as she is raman’s business partner. Raman starts enjoying it. Shagun on the other hand sits upset, mani asks her what happened she tells him that she is upset for alia, she tells him that she always takes ishita’s side and gets sad.

Aditya and alia arrives at shagun’s house. He says to Shagun that they bought some gifts for her and she should have to come the launch Party wearing this dress. Shagun hugs her and says that she will surely come. At bhalla’s house every one gets ready and in a hurry. Raman sees aditya and gets happy for him and for his launch.

PRECAP : Ishita wonders where is roshni, she calls her. Roshni thinks that why is ishita calling her. And what would she tell her.