Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd June 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update. Mihika finds Prabjot and Bala has a plan. He asks Mihika to keep eye on Prabjot. They search for Roshini together but they are unable to find her, although they find her mangalsutra. When Bala and Mihika asks Roshini’s mother about their daughter, she says they are outside of the show. Mihika and Bala also finds the sindoor box opened.

Mihiki informs Raman about all things. Raman asks them to leave befire Gagan catches them. They all wonders. Mani gets to know about Raman and Ishita had been to Khandpur and he expresses that he wished to be there with them. Meanwhile, Aaliya feels bad as she misbehaved with Roshini but Shagun says it was because of the situation and it’s not her mistake. Shagun gets irked when Mrs. Bhalla praises Ishita and believes she will get everyone alright and she also says Aaliya is lucky to get mother-in-law like Ishita.

Aaliya finds honeymoon package gift from Romi and Mihika. She feels Aditya would be happy if they go together. Bala and Mihika hides seeing Gagan and informs Raman to also hide. Mihika gets more clue about Roshini from a flower selling girl. Later Aditya worries about Mihika, Ishita, Raman and Bala. However, Aaliya is lost in her honeymoon trip but she later realises.

The girl takes Mihiki to find Roshini. Shagun confronts Aaliya about why she didn’t get ready and where is her clothes. Aaliya reveals that she has cancelled the trip as Aditya is tensed and they should not go now. Shagun says all are tensed but the break will make him happy. Mani also insists. Shagun feels Aaliya has become Ishita.┬áRaman finds Roshini and she asks them to come inside before anyone sees them. Roshini reveals that she lied because Gagan kidnapped her sister and threatened her mother. Raman says he understands. Gagan and his gang point gun at them.