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The episode begins with Bala announcing about the dance competetion explaining about the next contestants ,that they are very important members of this sangeet ceremony.He heartfully welcomes Aditya and Alia to perform. Roshni grabs ruhi saying that she need to talk to her,ruhi asks what. Roshni asks her that why Adi and Alia are performing at first and she says that yhe very important persons should do their performance at the end,so that everyone can get excited. Ruhi agrees her proposal that dulha and dulhan should perform at the end. Ruhi also asks Roshni to perform. But Roshni says that she is not good at dancing. But Ruhi keeps forcing her.

Afterwords Roshni keeps worrying about Gagan , and prays that he should go.On the other hand Gagan keeps thinking that there is no point in coming their if they are not going inside.But later gagan comes up with an idea as a helper and asks some guests for help and they agree. He covers his face with the gifts and become succesful to get inside.Ruhi’s performance starts and she starts to perform on a old song.Every one enjoys to see her dancing.

Gagan enters the ceremony hall and starts observing everybody.Roshni notices gagan and get panicked and hide herself behind the curtains,and wonders how he was able to get inside.Gagan gets a call from ashok.He asks him weather he got aditya bhalka arrested or not?Gagan replies no and he has no motive to arrest him.Ruhi gets appreciated by everyone and gets compliments. Ruhi says excuse me as she has to go somewhere. Shagun appreciates Ishita and Raman for having such a talented children. And says both are talented.

Adi says to Alia that next is their performance and to be ready.She says that she is little nervous. A servant comes and says to Alia that some relative of their family is calling you to the dressing room. Alia goes to the room.Roshni asks Alias help to make her dress.She agrees.Alia asks Roshni if she can asks her a question.Alia says that she is happy because roshni look happy.Roshni thinks that that she has to take a step forward to save everyone.
Roshni intentionally spoils Alia’s dress. Alia gets confused what she has to do.Bala announces about their next performance of Adi and Alia. Everone gets happy.Alia asks Roshni’s help to get on to the stage and perform with Adi as everybody is waiting. Adi searches for Alia but he couldn’t find her.Ruhi comes and asks Adi about the performance and he says that he couldnt find alia.Ruhi manages for more time saying that dulhan is taking time. While gagan angrily waits for them to come.

Ishita says that the performance of adi and alia will be the best.Raman says that they will win the competition saying that competition is a competition.Ishita says thanks to Raman ,saying when Shagun that children got talent and confidence because of me, I felt bad, how did you know it. He says do you need to tell me, I can see your eyes and know your heart, when I became Gulabo, I understood you well, I m sorry. He hugs her. She gets back and says don’t act so cute. He says I m cute, what happened. She says they will say we became Saas Sasur and acting romantic. He says we will be romantic even when we become Dada Dadi. Roshni tells Adi that aliya is inside, but some problem came up. She shows Gagan.She says we should dance to make Gagan believe that we are together, he will leave from here. Ruhi says where are Adi and Aliya, I think our groom and bride want a grand entry, let’s have a countdown for them. Everyone count down and smile. Adi and Roshni come on stage. They perform. Everyone gets shocked seeing Roshni. Raman says what’s Adi doing with this girl. Gagan sees Roshni dancing with Adi on Pardesiya….. Roshni looks for Gagan. Aaliya joins Adi for dance.Raman and Ishita ask Roshni why did she dance with Adi, everyone was thinking why were with you with Adi, you could have danced with Ruhi. Adi and aliya come. Adi says don’t scold her, its not her mistake. Aaliya says its my mistake, I asked her to dance with Adi, my lahenga was spoiled by juice, I needed time and sent Roshni in my place. Adi says Ishita included Roshni in rehearsals, so she danced. Raman says stop acting cool, what was the need to do all this in front of guests, this is not done. Ishita says this was not random dance program, sangeet is imp for groom and bride, this easy going attitude won’t work, no one should dance with Adi, except aliya, this is not right.

Precap: Raman says that they brought Roshni home with very nice intentions, she can’t stay here always. Ishita advises that they have to find her a groom. Gagan says that Adi is getting married to someone else, and says that they shouldn’t lie to him.