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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2017 Written Update: The episode starts with Roshni yelling at Adi saying it isn’t her who asked him to get engaged with her!! Roshni gets emotional saying that he suspected her as a thief. Later he hands him over the chain and asks him weather if he thought of her as an illiterate.She also explains that she came to notice how his chacha (Romi) and he had planned to trap her with the chain.
Adi begins to argue that he had no choice because they forced him to get married.
Adi says that he love Alia so much and that he cant deny it,he asks her to go out from his life.

Roshni explains him that he is not only the one who is suffering because of that marriage.She says that no one asked her about the marraige. She states that when Chandan died they asked her to get married ro Adi ,she says that she agreed.Roshni says that in their village therw are no peoplw who could understand a females feeling.Roshni tells him that she had seen him earlier and also his good deeds,and that she thought that he would take care of her.

Adi keeps starring at her,she asks him why,and alao tells him that she always wanted to live a happy life along with her sister.Saying that she want to study hard and wanted to become an officer, he came as a bridge between her dreams.Roshni explains that when he told her about his love ,she kept quite.And says that she got this boldness from his mother. She accuses that he got no dare. She says if he want to get married to alia she have no regrets.She says that she got freedom from that hell thats only because of his parents ,she exaggerates that she dont want to go back to that hell,and so she want to become a literate.

Next morning Roshni enters the kitchen asking that she could make tea for everyone.Mean while Ishita and others starts seeing their jewelries and ishita wondor’s seeing challa what would alia make use of it.Mummyji says to ishita that she had given it to her and so that she has to give it to alia (to her bahu). Mummyji asks alia not to give it to her thus early.As she is now only a child. And later (khichathani) they start to pull the legs of each other saying that she is not old .And ishita says that is releived now as alia is coming as her bahu and so that she can go to morning walks with them.While Roshni enters the room and keeps watching their (nokjhok) fun,ishita says that mummyji’s heart is like a child.And mummyji and Amma wonders if their ishita would become a saans !!

Roshni waiting outside the room thinks that their is abundant love and sanskaar in their family.Ishita notices roshni and asks her that what she is doing their. She replies her that food has been prepared .Ishta feels bad that on the previos day Adi has been very rude to her and thinks that she should have a talk with him.Roshni notices Adi and asks her to get tea ready for him.Romi asks Adi weather he could do anything to get her out.Adi asks him to do nothing,and also says that she wouldn’t cause any trouble.They both have their seats on the table and Adi asks about the food.Roshni replies that she only made tea for everyone.

Ishita asks Raman that they should talk to Adi about yesterday’s issue.Raman shows her something.Ishita wonders about it how Adi is behaving nice to her.Raman says that if he might realized about his mistake.Raman asks about their food and later that they have to prepare for theie dance.Ruhi says that they are going to win the dance .Mummyji and Amma enters saying that they also got rehearsed .Ruhi and Adi says that they are scared that if they are going to lose in a funny manner.

On the other hand Shagun makes arrangements of Alia’s marraige like parlour stuff.Shagun asks him as he is the father of alis to get pampered. Alia also wants his father to get face packed. Mean while at Roshni’s place they get hypered over the sasural of Roshni.All family members asks him to take shagun for her.

Raman asks everyone to come fast seeing the time.Ishita says that they could get late.Ruhi gets reay and asks Raman and ishima how she was looking.They compliment her.Ishita asks raman to check amma ji. Meanwhile Romi left in shock asks Adi about Roshni .Adi says that Roshni has no problem with getting married to alia.But Romi asks to give divorce to her.But Adi says that he doesn’t want evrybody to know about them.But also thinks that how he could get married to alia and so he want to be divorced.And keeps wondering that if ishima gets to know about this what will happen.Romi explains Adi that he loves only alia and the fact that he is going to get married to alia is real.He asks him not to get tensed about it.Adi says that he has his own sanskaars that ishima has tought him.Romi says that what is happening is very wrong. He asks him to forget about all these things.

PRECAP:Ishita asks Shagun about Alia.She answers that she had forgotten something and she might be on her way.Meanwhile Roshni’s family member along with his fellow mens follows Alia’s car as they saw her with Adi. And Roshni starts thinking about their motive to come here.