Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th June 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode with Ishita,  mummyji nd Ammaji are in a full mode.  Ishita insists them that he wants to meet Raman.  They decide to take taxi. They immediately go to the hall and starts shouting that he wants to meet Raman.  They shoot a video of ishita, mummyji and Ammaji.  They call the police and they take them into custody.

They call to Raman asking him to come to police station, raman comes and sees that they are creating a mess in the police station.  He sees mummyji sitting on the cupboard. And he asks ammaji about ishita. He sees her sitting on the fan. He finally makes her come down and take her to the house.

And makes her sleep on the bed. Ishita says him that she loves him. Raman tells that he loves her too.  Next morning alia and ruhi laughs on ishi ma and mummyji’s condition yesterday when they are on full load.  Alia asks ruhi to do a favour for her, she asks her to make pihu and ruhi ready for the school.  Ruhi goes to pihu and ananya and helps them to get ready.

Raman while taking his tiffin laughs and while alia goes to aditya he yells at her saying that they are not kids to roam around.  And he may get loss in business by them. Alia tries go explain him but he doesn’t listen. Alia keeps wondering why aditya is so aggressive now a days.

Aditya gets taneja’s call but alia lifts it. Taneja talks badly about ishita.  Alia gets angry on him and tells him that he cant judge any person. She tells him that she will inform about your call to adi.  Ishita listens all these and apologies to alia.  Alia tells her not to,  and says her that she was looking too cute in a drunken state.  Ishita tells her that she dont want to do it again.

PRECAP : Raman discusses about business deal with kiran, he tells her that he postponed the launch date for the sake of aditya as he wants to see him grow. Aditya overhears him and gets emotional