Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd July 2017 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd July 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update.

Raman feels happy seeing aditya, others also feels very excited  for his launch party. Ishita calls roshni, and asks if she ill come or not. Roshni tells that she has some work and so that she will come afterwards after she finishes her work.  Bhalla’s go to Aditya’s launch party and gets interviewed.

Shagun and mani also come to the party. Aditya welcomes Mr.  Taneja. Raman sees him and gets upset.  Ishita asks him to leave matter and asks about kiran. Raman starts to tease ishita again.  Mummyji calls ishita, she leaves. She hits kiran unknowingly. Afterwards she sees raman talking to a lady and goes to them and then she knows that kiran is not a man but women. She gets surprised.

Raman starts to taunt ishita. Ishita leaves.  Ishita sits next to Mani. Mani tries to influence her that their might be a reason why raman hasn’t told about kiran. Ishita laughs, and asks him not to joke. Ishita gets a call but as signal was very poor she goes outside. Their she meets a man asking ishita about Raman. He tells Raman and ishita that they make nice couple.

Raman asks him to join but he denies as he wants to go Allahabad. And he leaves. Ruhi searches for aditya. Ruhi finds him and sees that he is practising very hardly fir his speech. She feels very happy. While chitti announces that they should have a cute couple dance and invites Aditya and Alia for the dance. They do a romantic dance.

Ruhi comes to Raman and tells him and that aditya will make raman to launch his product. Raman asks her how she knows.  She tells him that she overheard him practicing.