Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd June 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update. Gagan comes inside the room and Raman get shocked. Raman things to do something and he pushes Gagan and his team to outside of the house. Gagan says they are acting to be smart and hence he gets kerosene. Raman, Mihika, Bala, Roshini and her sister rush to first floor and comes to the terrace while Gagan decides to burn the whole house and set Raman on fire for taking his revenge. Gagan’s team mate says they are running away and they manage to do so.

Raman, Mihika, Bala, Roshini and her sister runs. Gagan and his team catches them. Gagan says no need to run away, let’s fight like a man. Raman and Gagan’s deadly fight begins. Raman and his team successfully beats Gagan’s goons and they run away.┬áRaman, Mihika, Bala, Roshini and her sister runs away in car. Bala defuses the Tyre of Gagan’s car.

Raman, Mihika, Bala, Roshini and her sister reaches home back. They go to policy station. And Roshini narrates the entire story and reveals that her mother is in danger. Roshini hesitates to sign the confession paper. Later the police force comes to Khandpur for arresting Gagan. He calls Ashok and gets idea of running away from Khandpur. However, Police arrests Gagan and takes him to court.

Gagan admits that Roshini is speaking truth. Roshini says in front of judge that she divorced with Aditya. The lawyer who earlier lied admits that he lied and the divorce procedure started. The lawyer lies again and says the judge don’t know about anything related to this case and he says Gagan bribed him. The judge announces such marriage does not have any value. He announces Aditya and Aaliya’s marriage is legal! In flashback scene, it has been revealed that Ashok bribed the lawyer to hide the truth of judge burnt the papers. Case closed, Aditya returns home back. Roshini’s mother thanks Ishita and Raman for everything, Roshini do the same. Raman and Ishita decides to send Prabjot boarding school and Roshini will stay at Bhalla house for her further education. At Bhalla house, Mrs. Bhalla welcomes Roshini and thanks her. Roshini decides to get her books from Ishita’s mother.