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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd May 2017 Written Update: The Episode starts with Ishita scolding Adi , Roshni and Alia saying that sangeet doesn’t mean any random dance party and it only belongs to dulha and dulhan. And it is a very special day.She says that it is a very sensitive issue.l, and Alia only should had performed with you and nobody else,she says that your generation wont understand these type of matters.And asks them to behave responsibly from here onwards.Ishita also mentions that in a relation between dulha and dulhan no one should ever come in between.Shagun comes and asks Alia weather Ishita had scold her or not.Adi says that there is no matter.Shagub asks her if vleverythings was okay,alia says yea mom everythings okay.Shagun wonders what Ishita told to Alia that made her cry.

Ishita goes to Raman.Raman still remains very angry.Ishita tries him to calm down.She tell him that they are only children, and that they should forgive them.Raman says that alia made a mistake by sending roshni to dance with Adi. And it woyld had become a huge issue in the sangeet. Ishita convinces Raman by saying that she would train alia and shw would get responsible.Raman becomes little romantic, Ishita says that in the sangeet of her son she is making the mood of Raman.He says that they have to think something about Roshni because she cant stay here for long timw.Ishita agrees.

Roshni goes to Gagan and asks him what he was doing their.Roshni says to Gagan that the family members decided to make the marraige of Adi and Roshni twice, as it was very hurriedly done in the village.Gagan first acts nicely,but later shows his true attitude to Roshni. He says that he knows about the marraige about Adi and Alia and so she was making fool outta him.Roshni says that he is no good to her and that he has decided her marriage even without letting her know about person that she was going to marry.And she says that he has no rights about talking about the marraige as he didn’t noticed her.And also says that by only one voice of her 10 members will get ready to fight for her.She warns him that she will reveal all that he has done to her,and says to him that the family is very nice and she is not letting him to trouble them. She says him to go away and never keep eye on that family.Gagan says that you have developed the manners of a town.She says that she is a bahu of bhalla khandan and she is way more stronger than him.

Ishita appears and calls Roshni , she gets lottle shocked.Ishita asks Gagan weather he was Gagan. He says yes. She asks what he was doin here and asks him get inside. Roshni gets worried if he would tell them everything. Roshni says that she noticed Gagan bhai and started ro talk to him. Gagan says he will go. Ishita asks if there will be any free time then he must visit them. Ishita ensures her that she will find her husband at any cost, and asks her not to worry.Ishita asks Roshni to go inside saying that she has some work left to do.She goes inside. Ishita calla out Gagan and asks him for a small help. Gagn asks what help. Ishita asks for a photograph of Roshni’s marraige, when he asks why she says that she wipp enlarge it.

Gagan agrees happily. And he lefts from their.¬†She thinks that by seeing the photo they can find Roshni’s husband.Gagan thinks in mind that he can take his revenge by giving her the photograph.Roshni asks Ishita about what she was talking to Gagab. Ishita answers that she has asked the marraige photographs of her.Roshni remains in shock.Ishuta says that they can find her husband easily by the photos.And aslo says that she didn’t knew that she knows Gagan.And says that Adi also knows Gagan.Ishita says that even she smiles she knows abour the typhoon of depression in her heart.She says that she has to go on with her life, and alao says that she cant have her whole living with the Bhalla’s ,though she has to find her husband and he has to take responsibility of Roshni. Roshni thinks that she will not nake Gagan win with his plans, and she wont go back to the village.

Alia talks to her friends while Shagun comes and asks evryone if they had their food or not. They go for the dinner. Shagun takes Alia to room saying her make up is little messed. Shagun asks Alia what had happened.Alia says nothing. Shagun asks why she was crying and what Ishita told to her. Shagun asks alia not to tell lies.Alia says nothing again.Shagun says that she will go and ask Ishita herself.Alia stops her. Alia says that Ishita and Raman felt bad about the performance earlier.Shagun says that it was a silly matter and they shouldn’t have scolded her.Shagun says that they over react for everything. She asks her to sit. Shagun explains her that Ishita must’nt be always right.And she dont have to listen to her for everything.Shagun says that she has problem with everything that we do.And says that Adi and you will be getting married so relationships also change. And Ishita is not her mom anymore she will become your mother in law.Alia says that she will her mom forever and she can scold whenever i will do a mistake.Sagun asks her not to get dominated and she should have her own point of views.Shagun adks her to touch up,and she will go and talk to Ishita.Alia keeps thinking about the relationship between herself and Ishita’s.

PRECAP : Shagun keeps yelling at Ishita saying
that she need not to scold Alia for everying small thing and she is only saans for her. Ishita says that before she is a saans for alia,she is like a mother to her and that she has raised her for 8 years, Meanwhile a person of gagan enters taking the photograph to Ishita.