Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th August 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update.

The episode begins with Ishita seeing Shagun uttering that she captured something on her phone while she was unconscious. Ishita thinks that she might capture the murderer photo and starts searching for her phone. Shagun wakes up, she asks Ishita if she told anything. Ishita tells her that she slept and it is good for her health.

On the other hand, Pihu in her craft class asks one of her fellow classmate for a lue stick. She denies and tells Pihu that she will not give because his father Raman is a criminal. Pihu gets very upset. Riya comes to Pihu and gives her glue stick to her and warns them not to say bad about Pihu and her family.

Ishita goes to police station taking photo that Shagun had captured in her phone. Police officer says that it cant help anything as they want the actual proof. While Ruhi in the car thinks about the situation and gets nervous. She comes up with a small accident. The owner of the car acolds Ruhi for her recklessness.

Ruhi apologizes him and takes her way, while she notices that her car isn’t starting. kiran calls Ishita and tells her that the van of the school is repaired so thwy have to pick up the kids, kiran tells her that she will go and pick up them. Ruhi enters a restraunt and observes Nikhil full loaded. Nikhil welcomes Ruhi and asks her to get seated.

Ruhi asks him to stop drinking. He tells her that drinking heavily can make a man happy because it erases all the bad memories from them. Ruhi thinks deeply. While Aditya and Ishita observes the photo taken by Shagun and sees one logo on the criminals shirt. And they go to find out , while Ishita sees Ammaji waiting for the kids.

Kiran comes along with the children. Ammaji sees the kids eating ice-creams and scolds Kiran that they might get cold. Ammaji asks kiran tp give their school bags to her as she will manage to lift them. Ammaji about to fall kiran grabs her. Ishita scolds kiran for helping Ammaji saying not to help her as they dont need any help from her.

Ishita uses reverse technique to make realize Ammaji that kiran is really a good women. Ishita and Aditya go to the respective shop and do the enquiry about that particular logo. He tells them that he will check and tell them. But gets shocked by seeing that something went wrong with it as some registers are missing. Ishita and Aditya gets shocked.

PRECAP : Ishita and Aditya talks about the murderer wondering how he can erase all the clues. Aditya tells her that they should do something before the murderer does