Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th July 2017 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th July 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update.

The Episode begins with Ishita talking to Bala, she tells him that she is not that type of women who would doubt his husband for a little thing. Bala says that every women in this world has jealousy, and she is one of them. Ishita doesn’t agree with him. She searches for kiran and she sees her sitting lonely,  she comes up with a plan. And she makes Bala join with her, she takes him to kiran and introduces Bala to kiran. She murmurs to Bala to handle the situation. She says bye and leaves. Raman asks Ishita to help him in making his speech,  she asks him to tell how he taught aditya to cheat, to lie etc. Confused Raman goes from their. On the other hand assistant at the office asks Roshni to bring Ishita’s sign as it is necessary to fill that form.

Roshni wonders how she could get signature of Ishita.  She calls Ishita, Bapuji. But they don’t lift their phones.  Shagun and Mani talks to the investors,  they ask shagun that if they come up with any new projects, he asks them to tell him. And so that he can invest in their project. Shagun and Mani agrees. Mr. Taneja tells Shagun that Aditya is lso very talented in making his projects.

And tells them that he should start his own business instead working under Raman. Mani asks him not to think about it, as it depends on him. Raman tells Ishita that Kiran is a hard working and a smart lady,  Ishita understands his intention and tells him that she not gonna be jealous of her. Meanwhile Ishita was asked to come out as their is a visitor to meet her. She asks Raman to stay and prepare his speech.

She goes and sees Roshni,  she asks Oshita to sign the papers. Ishita sign them and asks her to attend the party.  But she denies, Shagun sees Roshni and goes to her,  and tells her to stay way from Alia’s family.  Roshni apologizes her for the previous day. She taunts about her village and leaves. Chitti announces Aditya to come on stage. Aditya gives his speech on his launch. Ishita goes out and overhears Shagun’s and Mani’s conversation.

Shagun tells him that she cares about Alia and Aditya and he should start a new business. Ishita comes to know that Aditya is going to announce Mr. Taneja instead of Raman.  And runs inside and sees aditya saying Mr.  Taneja’s name. Everyone gets upset. Ishita starts crying. At home Ruhi asks Pihu of she brushed or not. She says yes. Pihu asks Ruhi if she can take a holiday from school,  she asks why. Pihu says that she is tired of the party . Ruhi says no excuses.

Pihu thinks to tell the matter to Ishita and sees her upset already so thinks not to tell her. She goes to Ishita and asks why Aditya has not called  Raman’s name.  Ishita explains her, she says that she loves her so much. Raman says that it was all okay as they are his business partners.

Alia also asks Aditya about it,  he says that he has to give importance to them as it is bussiness. Next morning Ruhi takes Pihu and Ananya to school,  Ruhi sees Pihu upset and asks her whats the matter. But Pihu leaves with oit saying anything. Ruhi asks Ananya for help.

PRECAP : Ruhi tells Ishita,  that she was going to her the matter but as she was alresdy upset about yesterday she didn’t. Ruhi tells that Pihu has been hiding something since two days.