Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th June 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update. The episode starts with Shagun calling Aaliya and she has planned a surprise for her. Shagun gives her a surprise trip to Europe and a travel card for shopping. Other scene has been seen where Raman is in his room and Aditya comes to meet, he expresses that he would like to take Aaliya somewhere to make her feel better. As Raman is guru of romance, he offers to make arrangements. He decides to send them out of India but Aditya would like to go to Kerala instead on the money he has earned. Raman agrees and feels proud of Aditya.

Raman decides to save Roshini as Ishita is tutoring her. Raman and Roshini signs each other and Ishita gets irked and asks Raman to not disturb Roshini as she need to focus on her education. Raman wants to do romance with Ishita and Ishita is not ready for it. Ishita still teaches Roshini and Raman reveals about Aditya’s plan. Ishita is very happy on hearing the honeymoon plans of Aditya and Aaliya. When Aditya goes to share his plans with Aaliya, she shows Europe trip details. And Aditya hides his trip idea, they leave for packing while Ishita and Raman looks on.

Raman takes Ishita to room and they wonders why Aditya decided to hide his trip idea. Ishita wants to inform Aditya and Rmaan says its between couple and they should not interfere. Ishita and Raman decides to not interfere as its their plan. Ishita believes that Aaliya should be aware of Aditya’s plan. Raman remains Ishita that they are married and they should not interface in their married life. Ishita agrees as he has a valid point. Ishita thinks as the booking will be wasted so they should use it instead of throwing, leaving Raman surprised, Ishita wants to go on a honeymoon to Kerala.

Mihika comes to know that Aaliya has cancelled the booking. Later Raman learns that Aditya has cancelled the bookings too. Raman pulls Aditya’s leg. Raman says he controls Ishita and Aditya pulls Raman’s leg by saying “Ishimaa” and Raman jumps in scare, but Adi was kidding! Shagun has gifted Aaliya a lingerie and Aditya-Aaliya gets embarrassed. Its dinner at Bhalla house and Aaliya praises Ishita. At dinner, Toshini Jee creates a drama when Aaliya says she will use the gift cards her dad has gifted and Toshini Jee is against of it as she don’t want Aditya to use his sasur’s money. In Ishita and Raman’s room, Mrs Bhalla asks if Raman has given his credit card to Adi. Ishita tries to make Mrs. Bhalla understand. Later, as Ishita is tired, Raman does her massage and also tucks her hair but she is sleeping.