Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th May 2017 Written Update:┬áThe Episode starts with Bala announcing about the next performance apprecuating them that they will put fire on stage by their dance.He welcomes Mr and Mrs.Bhalla ,Mr and Mrs.Iyer on stage.Every body is happy, they can see them enjoying their dance Shagun keeps starring Ishita,and asks her that she needsto talk to her.Shagun asks Ishita why did she scold Alia, Alia enters and asks Shagun there’s no need of talking about it.Shagun asks what was the need of scolding her.Ishita says that before she beacomes her saans she is like her mother,and she raised her since 8 years.Shagun asks her if she thought her as her child then she would had not scold her on her special occasion.Ishita says that of any chold makes mistake we are the ones who shoupd explain what is right and what is wrong to them.Shagun says that she need not make a small issue into a big one.

They both argue with each other.Roshni comes and apologises to both of them and asks them to stop as everyone were noticing them.Roshni says that all is her fault and that she should not go to dance with Adi.Shagun says it is not your fault,it was Ishita’s fault.And she goes.Alia apologizes to Ishita ,she says its okay.Ishita also apologizes to Roshni and asks her not to feel bad.Shagun introduces Alia and Adi to her guests Mrs.Bhose.Shagun says that they have helped hera lot in the NGO.Alia says that it is lovely meeting them . Her guests say that tge marraige which they are conductibg is looking very low profile.Shagun says if it was under her hands then she would had called media,but unfortunatly Adi’s family says that simple one is beter,and it would cost less money. Ishita notices all these and becomes little dull.

Ammaji asks Ishita weather she has seen her Satsang group or not.She asks why,ammaji says that she has called the temple pandit to give blessings to Adi and Alia and asks ishita to take care of him and to make him feel comfortable. She says that she order the guards.Ishita goes sating the she has little work to do,roshni thinks
that must be aside of ishita thinking about the photographs.Bala announces about the next performance of Romi and mika.They start to dance on the other hand Roshni follows Ishita everywhere she goes.Pandit arrives and aska the driver to call her.Ammaji asks the guard to make his car come very near to the entrance as he has some problem with his legs.The man enyers inside with the photos.Roshni notices him and get tensed.

Ammaji asks the guard to make a way to make the pandits car to get in.They announce the car numbers and asks the owners to make their cars to park aside. One of the Shaguns guest has her car number, but she didn’t go as her friend says that no Vip would come to such a low class party,saying that they will manage somehow.Guruji gets little irritated and he says that he cant wait anymore as his leg is paining.
Ammaji feels bad. Ishita remembers about what Ammaji said about the guruji ‘s arrival. But she bumps into Roshni and asks why is she following her ,shw replies that she does’nt know anyone in the party so that’s why, se says to find Ruhi and to be with her.Ammaji comes in agrily and without noticing pushes the man with the photos , meanwhile Roshni asks the servant to do something. Ammaji goes and announces the car numbers, shagun’s guest says that it is her’s .Ammaji angrily goes to her and asks why she had not took her car aside.The two guest insults the Guruji. Angry Ammaji puts the cake on her face.

The man asks about Ishita meanwhile the servant says him that Gagan is waiting for him outside the man goes.Roshni follows him,Eomi also notices. Shagun gets another opportunity to make a scene and she goes on and on about how this is the treatment she gets always. She also tries to leave but Ishita stops her and make sher understand how important guruji was for everyone and also how unapologetic and rude Shagun s friend was. Shagun doesn t stop but again Roshni intervenes who brings in guruji on a wheelchair inside.Seeing Aliya and Ad everyone gets happy.

Precap: Mani tries to explain Shagun and Shagun says Aliya’s happiness matters to her the mosand she would not be quiet if someone says something bad to her that day even if its Mani himself. Meanwhile Gagan is very angry and now he wants to take help from Ashok to take his revenge.