Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th August 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th August 2017 Written Episode.

The Episode begins with Ruhi drinking alcohol instead of juice. Nikhil comes to notice that the waiter changed the juice with alcohol. Nikhil yells at him for his recklessness and gets tensed about Ruhi seeing her in a drunken state. While Roshni talks to Shagun, Shagun asks her why she keeps coming to their house and starts yelling at her and also says that she is Uneducated.

Roshni tells her that she also dont have any manners. Shagun gets frustrated and gets offensive. Ishita comes and manages the situation. Nikhil calls Alia and asks her to help him as Ruhi got drunk. Alia scolds Nikhil for Ruhi being in that situation. Roshni comes to Ishita and asks her not to worry about her and she can scold her anytime as she likes her mother.

Shagun overhears and comes to them to ask why Roshni is calling Ishita as “Ishima”, Pihu acts as Ruhi asks Shagun to help her in her fancy dress competition in order to divert her. Later Ishita calls Kiran and tells her that she is doing well s a mother and explains the greatness of a mother but she observes that she detailed a wrong number and instead of Kiran that call went to Anami, Ishita asks her why did she keep quiet

She tells her about her mother and her’s relationship. Saying that she hates her mother. Ishita wonders why she hates her mither so much. Pihu shows the dresses to Shagun , Shagun asks her about one particular dress. Pihu tells her that it is kept on the cupboard. As Shagun steps on the chair the things on the cupboard falls down. While she arranges the things Ashok enters the house and calls Shagun loudly.

Shagun goes to him and asks what’s wrong with him. Ashok makes a proposal to her asking her to marry him, Shagun gets shocked. Pohu comes and takes Shagun forcebly to dress her. Ishita asks Ashok to come with as she needa to talk to him.

PRECAP : Shagun asks Pihu to select her dress and she will arrange the things that fell down earlier. Shagun notices the old photograph of Raman and Ishita dressing as bride and groom. Shagun gets shocked.


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