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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th May 2017 Written Update: The episode starts with Ammaji appreciating Roshni. Ishuta asks how she could manage to bring guruji here.She says that she overgeard someone saying about the traffic jam,tyen she came with the idea of bringing him to home.Ishita also praises her saying that she made ammaji happy.Ammaji goes to bring fruits,then Roshni says that you should go to guruji and she will bring the fruits.Romi follows her to the room and asks her what she is hiding and asks her about the packet.Roshni says what packet? She shows him the photo and says that she has no interest in the marraige of Adi and Alia , she just wants to stay in the town. Romi shouts at her saying that he dont believe her. Romi burns the photo and asks her to stay away from Adi and goes.

Ishita explains to Mummyji that evereything’s ready and she dont need to worry at all. They all worry about what had happened today, but they go to sleep.Ishita thanks Roshni.Roshni says no need of thankyou and that she wants every body in the family to be happy. Ishita thinks that it is very late and Gagan has not yet brought the photos to her.Gagan slaps the guy who he gave the photo.He says that Eoshni appeared suddenly and warned him so he got little tensed and handed over the photo.Gagan gets very angry at him,he gets very desperate to take the revenge.And finaly decides to take the help of Ashok.

Roshni keeps thinking about the whole matter,Rman comes and says that it is very late and she should get to sleep.She see’s Raman making coffee and asks him that she can make it,Raman agrees with a smile.Raman says that she has learned everything very fastly,she says that her mother also used to say that,and gets little emotional.She also says that if girls are intelligent also ,in their village they treat all women as animals and feels sad.Raman asks what was her aim,she says that she want to go to a high position.Raman appreciates that.She says that she wants to become IAS officer,he says that as soon as Aditya’s marraige wilp be over he will manage to make her join her the classes.

Shagun comes and wakes up Alia and ahows her the new lehenga, She says that it very beautifull.Shagun remembers about the lehenge that she and Ishita chosed for her ,but as per Ishita she made to buy the replica and gave to the tailer.Shagun saya that if that lehenga is not the same, then she will accept that.On the other hand ishita calls to the tailer asking weather if the lehenga was ready or not .She is glad that it was ready on time and saya to Raman that she is going to get the lehenga .Shagun’s friend calls her and was very upset and angry on Ammaji,Shagun’s trying to convince her.

Mani enters and asks what is the matter.Shagun says that Manisha is very upset and all her friends are also discussing about the sangeet,and gets very frustrated.Mani explains her as she is orgainising everything ,it will be all right.He says that he never had seen Alia this happy ,and asks her only for Alia’s sake be happy.Shagun also agrees and says if the same goes today she will not keep quite.Romi says that at the most he liked the Dadaji’s performance,Ishita also agrees.She take Ishita to Roshni and shows her the cone she made with her own hands.Ishita gets surprised.Roahni says that hand made is far better than ready made.Ishita emembers that Gagan has still not brought any photos to her.Ishita asks Adi if he has Gagan’s phone number or not.Roshni sigh’s him to tell no.Adi gets tensed if she gets the photos then she will come to know of everything.

Ishita yells it him because he didn’t answer.Ishita says it’s a serious matter.And tells if she came to find’s him then she will not forgive him at any cost.Romi enters and controlls the matter by sayinf that he had his phone formated.Raman enters and says that he has Gagans number.Adi and Rommi gets shocked.

PRECAP : Raman ans Ishita have thiee converstaion about Roshni’s husband.Raman says that she should forget about her husband ,while Ishita says that he should divorce her and he should free her mentally.