Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2017 Written Update, Written Episode Update. In today’s episode, Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) decides to learn about Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan)’s problem.

Ishita calls Bala and asks him if he is with Raman, he says no. He tells her he would call her as soon as the meeting gets over.  He cuts the call and notices Raman’s car and goes to the near by house.  He sees Kiran and tries to go inside, she stops him. Bala asks her if Raman is there are not, she tells him that Raman is sleeping inside. Bala goes to him and wakes him up.  Raman wonders how he slept and apologizes to Kiran.

Bala asks him to get ready as they need to return soon. Raman asks Kiran way to the washroom. And goes to fresh up. Bala gives warning to Kiran while Raman returns. They leave together. At home, Adi and Alia are ready to leave. Shagun comes and tells Alia that she booked a hotel room in Mumbai for them.

Ishita tells both of them to samtay their as the one they booked was very boring. Alia asks Ishita to get more friendly with Shagun. She agrees. Alia and Aditya leave for the airport.  After that Raman exaggerates about Kiran saying how great she is,  Ishita tells him that every women does the same thing. Raman asks her if she is getting jealous of her.

Ishita tells she isn’t. Raman asks her to be romantic. But Pihu enters the room asking them to sleep with her.  Ishita gets tensed about her. Aditya and Alia on the other hand enjoy their honeymoon.  But Aditya gets a call from office. After that, he asks Alia to go to pub at night.  She agrees.  Ishita and Ruhi go to Pihu’s school to investigate the matter.

They ask the principal if thry can keep a singing classes as Ruhi sings very nicely they can keep her to put an eye on Pihu.  They agree. Ishita at home asks Mummyji if she can go to Shagun and sought out the situation with her. Mummyji talks about Shagun but it brings an idea to Ishita. Ishita tells her she is the best.

Ishita goes to Raman if they can donate some fund to Shagun’s Ngo as it will be helpful to their product launch. Ishita requests Raman and he agrees. Meanwhile Aditya and Alia go to the Pub, they see some mess happening between a lady and a man. Alia asks Aditya if they can go. He tells dont worry as he is with her. They happily dance but the same man appear and holds Alia’s hand while she is dancing.

PRECAP : Ishita goes to Shagun and tries to talk to her.  But she doesn’t listen. Mani asks her to talk to Ishita.  Ishita tells her plan but Shagun denies.