Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th June 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update: Aditya has changed his dress and he is wearing the dress Ishita had packed for him. Aaliya cooked a food for Aditya, however Shagun reveals that Aditya don’t like these foods. Shagun wants to talk with Aditya in video call, so when Shagun calls Aditya. Aaliya finds Aditya is wearing the suit which Ishita asked him to get in. Aaliya cuts the call, Aditya worries for Aaliya and Ishita.

Shagun confronts Ishita and shouts at her. Ishita teaches Aaliya to not share her family things to Shagun and others. Later Aaliya changes topic and they leaves. Ishita reveals everything to Raman, who scolds her. Aditya to Aaliya says that Ishita was just helping him as he don’t like the cloth Aaliya gifted. Ishita says did right by showing Aaliya the correct way. Ishita says she will prove she is not a possessive mother, Raman wonders what she will do but he thinks it will be exciting and it would be fun. Aditya-Aaliya argues and Ishita comes inside the room, she says sorry to her. Ishita tries to make Aaliya understand, she says she don’t want to be a typical mother-in-law, she gives Aaliya the house’s keys to Aaliya making her the owner.

Raman says Ishita is winning the challenge, Ishita says she will win it but Raman says not completely. Raman comes inside the room and laughs says it is not possible for Ishita to not interfere, Raman says Ishita will take the keys back as she won’t be able to stay away from helping the family members. Ishita says she is free from her duty and she will go to clinic, kitty party. Raman says you won’t able to do it, Ishita says she will and accepts the challenge.

Ishita wakes up late, she recalls the challenge and decides to sleep, be a saas. She sleeps and thinks about the breakfast, and thinks she can’t sleep as everything will become bad at breakfast table. Ishita in dilemma, she don’t want to interfere but she could help her after all. ┬áRaman jogs and he is tired. Raman is doing jogging and Mr. Bhalla – Mr. Iyer. They both suggests him to join the laughter club. They laugh. Raman says what nonsense, he says he is not old. Mr. Bhalla, Iyer trolls him and says Ishita-Raman to face new difficulties. Aaliya has cooked a food and Ishita is surprised.