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Yh Hai Mohabbatein 6th May 2017 Written Update: The Episode starts with Ishita yelling at Adi asking him to give Gagan’s number,Ishita gets very angry on her husband saying shw will teach him a lesson.Raman says that he has Gagan’s number.Adi,Romi and Roshni gets shocked. Ishita says that he should have told it earlier,and asks him to call him.He calls him,but he says it is not reachable,anyhow ammaji also convinces them,he tries to call once again. Roshni shouts to dont call Gagan amd again in loud voice she says that if they want the photos they can also get them from Aditya.

Roshni says that she dont want to go to her husband,saying that it is good that he went leaving her alone,she says that she dont want to go to khanpur again,and doesn’t want to know where her husband is.Ishita says that she understands her,but she says it is not good to leave her alone like this.Roshni says that she will not be burden anymore to the family,Ishita says that she is not a burden to them,She says that to understand her correctly.Raman says stop it,and says that no body is anywhere,and asks ishita to come over saying that he has to talk to her. Raman says that what Roshni is saying is write if she dont want to meet him let her be.But Ishita says that their marraige is true and no he cannot deny it.

Ishita says rhat they have to free her mentally,and have to keep her status.On the other hand Romi keeps instigating Adi not to believe her,and why she should say that Adi was present in Roshni’s marraige. Eoshni over hears the conversation and starts to explain Adi says that she is saying right.Alia calls Ishita and aska why is Adi not lifting her phone, Ishita saya that their is something wrong with the signal,alia says that her phone fell down recently and is not working properly. Alia asks for her lehenga ,ishita laughs and tells her that her lehenge os same, Alia says that she is the best.

Ishita asks evwryoje about Ruhi ,Euhi enters the hall suddenly along with Raman.They surprise Roshni and Ishita saying that he has had her Asmission in one of the IAs training classes.Ishita and Roshni seemed very happy.She thanks Raman,Raman asks her study hard.Shagun makes the arrangements for the marraige,Mani asks her to relax.Miss.Bhose and Manisha arrives at Shagun’s house they hand over the gifts to her saying that they will not come today for the marraige.Shagun says sorry,but they refuse.They iform about the partu they organised after the marraige and they leave.Shagun gets irritated thinking about Ishita.

Ishita rells everyone that they are only going to pick the lehenga.But as she is opens the door Gagan shows up and asks everyone if they want to know the truth.Romi says that they are not intrested in know ing the truth and asks him to leave.Gagan gets frustrated and reveals the truth.Ishita also gets irked by that and starts questioning him.Romi slaps him.Gagan points out Adi at various things.Ishita gets angry and slaps him.

PRECAP : Ishita says that Aditya is not a coward and even if he has married her then he would had not run away from her saying that she is proud of her.Eomi starts to fight with him,Adi says that no one knows what he has done to him and fights with him.