Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th May 2017 Written Update: The Episode starts with Ishita yelling at Gagan by defending Aditya saying that he respects every women and he could never do that mistake in his life.Gagan says that he has a proof regarding to the marraige of Adi and Roshni.Romi shouts at him.Ishita says that she has done huge mistake by asking photos to him,she says that her son is not a coward and he will never do such a thing.Romi again starts to hit him,Adi stops him. Adi says that know one knows what he had done to him and starts to remember his past.And he starts to hit him hardly shouting at him.Everyone gets shocked.Aditya tells him not to interfere here anymore.Ishita also warns him that if he stays here for more than 2 minutes rhen she will inform to police.

Gagan thinks that it will be better to leave for now so he goes. Ishita tells Roshni that she was right because she dont to see her husband ,Ishita says that her husband might also be same as him.Mummyji also says that they all are behind her and shw dont have to worry.Ruhi asks her only to think about her IAS studies.Gagan reaches his jeep,his fellow men ask him what happend.Gagan gets angry and decides to take a revenge saying that they have insulted him.Romi aska Adi weather he is okay or not,Adi says that he is okay.Ishita goes to Roshni and she starts to make her feel opre secure.

Adi is irritated on the other hand and he tells Romi that he wants to reveal the truth to everyone,Romi says no.And explains him that evwrything’s got better and he better not to tell.Romi shows Adi a photo of his and Alia being together.He says that it is his future.On the other hand Ruhi enters the room and hands her over the books and aska her to concentrate on her studies saying that it her future.Ishita says that she wants to free her by making hus husband to give divorce the her.Ishita asks her to study well and leaves.

Shagun is worried because her friends told that they wont come.Mani tries to convince her that it is okay.Mani says that he dont wants to make Alia upset and asks her opinion.Shagun says fine.Shagun talks to herself that it all happened only because of Ishita,saying that nobody understands her.Gagan goes to Ashok to ask his help.Ashok says that he already knew that it was something fishy going on and hands him over a glass of bear to drink.Ashok gives him advise not to make any kind trouble in happening of theie marraige saying if the truth comes out after the marraige the outcome will be having a double impact and will shatter the family.Je says him not to change his motive and that insulting the family is his only motive.

Mean while Romi ,Adi and Roshni gets worried what will going to happen.Romi gives the idea that they can show any random photo and will say that he is her husband.Ishita surprises Roshni by giving her the bangles and says that she is also like her daughter.Alia gets ready for the function.Ishita and others gets ready to go their,Ishita calls the tailer to know about the lehenga,and she is shocked to know that the kharkana is burnt along with the lehenga,putting everyone into depression.

PRECAP : Shagun asks Mani to call them because they were late,Mani says that they will be on their way,Shagun says that she will call them then they see Alia coming down and Shagun appreciates her.Mani says that today they should keep Alia very happy at any cost.