Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th May 2017 Written Update:┬áThe Episode starts with Ishita and all worrying about the lehenga as it got burnt along with tyr kharkana,and now Ishita is tensed and in fear what she should answer to Shagun and Alia.Roshni gives some idea meanwhile Adi shouts at her.They all gather and go to the find one similar lehenga.Shagun asks Mani for the bhalla’s saying that they are late,Shagun asks him to call them.Alia comes down Shagun says the she is looking very pretty and beautifull.Ishita and all goes to the Kharkana and asks them if they have similar piece of that lehenga.The keeper shows them a different one but its a low quality one.

Meanwhile the party starts at the Shagun’s house and they starts to dance.All are happy.Alia is worried about their arrival,Shagun asks her not to worry.Shagun ask her to apply mehendi as it is getting late.Bhalla’s arrive at their house.Shagun welcomes them but in a sarcastic way.

They say Raman is in chennai,Shagun again taunts that he should be here.Mummyji calls Ishita that she is having the shagun vali mehendi,and the atmosphere is more tensed.They decide that Ishita and Roshni will get back and Bala will inform them about the Lehenga.On the other side they enjoy a punjabi type party in the house.

Afterwords Ishita and all joins the party and starts their dance.Afterwards Shagub talks to Ishita and asks her about the lehenga,Ishita makes a way out saying she is having a call.Adi brings a surprise to Alia and she opens it,Mehendi ceremony begins and Alia asks Ishita to keep her Mehendi,Ishita tries first on Roshni as it was difficult to make first trial.Afterwards Raman calls her and Ishita talks to her.

PRECAP : Shagun argues with Ishita about the lehenga that she got expensive one but before she denied it.She asks if she is showing of before her.