Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th June 2017 Written Update, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update. The episode starts Raman expressing that he would like to become fashion designer and Ishita is completely surprised. Ishita wonders if Raman is fine because he talking about him becoming a fashion designer. Ishita asks about when he will resign. Ishita says you cannot handle both things at once, it would be different for you (Raman). Ishita says the she would like to become a model as he will be a fashion designer. Raman stands up and walks to Ishita, he says he is happy to be a business man.

Ishita understands that something is borthing him that is very he is upset. Raman wonders how she could know the thinking going on inside my mind, he hugs Ishita. Raman wants Ishita to promose him that she will never leave him and like him the way he is today. Raman reveals what happened. Ishita calls him the youngest business she has ever seen in her life. She holds his biceps.

Raman thinks Ishita is pulling his legfs. Ishita says you are handsome and you are young by your though and physically too. Ishita says you should be happy for Adi and Raman says he is happy. Ishita wants Raman to give space to their kids and she is also doing the same. New scene. Aaliya is cleaning the mess she created.

Isjita makes Raman understand that life is change and change is life. One thing will never and that is ‘we will NEVER change’ Raman compliments her and her wiseness. Aaliya panics when she finds all shops closed. Amma wonders what happened. Later Aaliya shares everything with Mani. Ishita enters yhe house and finds Aaliya lying again. Ishita tastes and calls it good. Ishita acts to be angry and Aaliya cries, Ishita says it happens and she also did mistakes. Roshini’s look has been revamped. Amma made the parsad and gives credit to Aaliya.