Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th May 2017 Written Update: The Episode starts with Aditya bringing meals to Alia, Shagun gets happy and tells hik that he has to feed her too,Adi says that he will never miss a chance like that.Shagun says him to feed her and leaves.Alia asks Adi if he will change after marraige.He asks why, then she says that everyone say so.Adi only gives a smile , and say that he will never change.Adi feeds him Something bitter ,and goes to bring something sweet to feed her.Mani and Romi comes to tease him and welcomes to their group, asking him to learn one word.Adi asks what word.They say sorry and they laugh.Then Adi leaves.

Shagun asks Ishita about the lehenga.She remains quiet.Ruhi informs Ishita about th lehenga she becomes little relieved.They got o see the lehenga.Everyone likes it.Shagun is also happy but as she checks the lehenga she wonders if a kaarigar has make it.Then she sees the receipt.Ishita thanks to Bala and her to bring the lehenga on time.Shagun comes and yells at Ishita ,but shw cant understand anything she asks her to come to room saying that she needs ro talk to her urgently.

Shagun keeps on yelling at her.Ishita asks Bala and Mika but they keep quiet.Bala says that it is his fault and that they went to a designer boutique. Roshni and Alia talks about Mehwndi and give best wishes to each other. Adi comes and intrudes calling Alia for family photos. Shagun is still angry and keeps yelling without understanding the situation.Adi and Alia come to room , Mani somehow manages the issue infront of them.Aditya asks everyone for the family photograph.

Later Ishita have her matter clear with Bala and her.Then they explain that they have discussed it with Raman and came to the conclusion to buy that designer lehenga.And that they didn’t have any chance.Ishita gets worried about how she could get Shagun explain all about this.Mummyji and Ammaji are glad that everything ended smoothly.And they go to sleep.Next day morning Ishita comes to the kitchen and wonders to see Roshni.And she says to her that everyone enjoys her meals.She notices Roshni’s mehendi and says that her mehendi turned into a very good colour.And says that she will have a good husband but then remembers about her condition and stays silent.

Roshni says that its okay and also says that she is very happy to stay here.Ishita also agrees.Ishita thinks that if her mehendi became very good then surely Alia’s mehendi will be also very good.Alia swws her mehendi’s colour and becomes sad and calls Adi.Alia argues with Adi.Adi thinks that of she has known about his marraige.

PRECAP : Adi shouts at Roshni not to interfere in their family matters.And asks her if she gave her mehendi to Alia intentionally.Ishita comes and sees Adi shouting at her and ask why he is treating her like this