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The makers of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein are desperately trying to put a lot of masala into the upcoming episodes to try to get back YHM to the top slot.

Previous episodes have been showing lots of drama happening in Bhalla House. Raman doesn’t allow Pihu to meet her Ishima by locking her in the room and Pihu runs away from home reaching Ishima’s house.

On getting to know this, Raman sends goons to Ishitha’s house and promises to destroy her as she has snatched away his kid Adi.

Another new shocker coming in next few episodes will show Roshini coming to Delhi and Bhalla House knowing about her being pregnant with Adi’s child.

When Aliya comes to know of Roshini’s pregnancy she gets angry and remembers how Adi cheated on her.

The upcoming few episodes of YHM will be high on drama with Aliya trying to kill Roshini but being saved by Ishita. And how Raman will be trying to snatch away Roshini’s child.

It has to be seen in the coming episodes how Ishita will be saving Roshini from Aliya’s anger and her child from Raman.

How this story unfolds and what else is in store for the viewers? Let’s wait and watch.


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