Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is coming up with new twists and turns with every episodes. The show has been entertaining so far with the highs and lows in life of Ishita and Raman. We will see the same drama continuing in the upcoming track.

As per the track, we have seen how Aditya has turned against Raman and he has also assumed that Raman is trying to compete with him and his ideas. Although, the truth is different as here Raman is trying his best to make Aditya’s project launch event ‘grand’.

In the coming episodes, Aditya’s character will continue to sink and he will be the next who will turn negative, even before Aaliya. Aditya will be seen steeling something from the office that will make his project successful.

Aditya will steal Raman’s project promotional plans. Indeed, it would be a cunning plan from Aditya’s side and let’s see how Raman deal’s with him. While on other hand, Ishita is upset over the fact she is being treated as a step mother.