Star Plus’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is set for high voltage drama in the upcoming episode. As we had already reported that Adi will confess his crime even though he is innocent, but there is a MAJOR Twist in tale!

In the coming episode, Adi will say that he had done the crime. But he is not the culprit, we know that Nidhi is the criminal as Nidhi confessed the crime earlier. But whom Adi is hiding by taking the crime on himself? Well we have got the answer the viewers were demanding!

Adi thinks that Ruhi either Ruhaan was the culprit and she thrown the acid on Aliya. But actually, Nidhi wore Ruhaan dress and throw the acid and hence Adi is saving his sisters. Well, Ishita will surely prove Adi is innocent, what do you think readers?