Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has been making his viewers glued to their television sets for quite long. Khatri’s long awaited entry has made it all the more interesting.

Dev and Sonakshi still love each other but are not ready to accept their feelings towards each other. Khatri is warning and threatening Sonakshi to stay away from the matter but she being a good daughter in law is stuck between Khatri and Dev. She can’t tell Dev and his anger towards her alleged affair with Jatin is hurting her alot.

Dev leaves the house agitated and Sona is unable to find him. She searches him everywhere including those who know him but at last he is discovered by Sona. Any guesses; yes he is at his farm house where they both left each other seven years back. It is really heart rendering for both of them especially Sonakshi as they had parted at the farm house. Oh Dev! tumhi ekdoom impossible.